Character Description

February 5, 2018

This is an example I modelled for students for Character Description. I had to meet the Success Criteria that we had made which was:

  • Describe how they look
  • Describe how they act/react
  • Use direct speech
  • Describe how other characters react to them
  • Describe their clothes

This was written in front of them in full flow… with some input from the students!


His grey hoodie was too big for him and fell over his hands like a willow tree over a lake, gently brushing the surface of his fingertips. He couldn’t help but fiddle with the sleeves, nervously scraping his nails across the stitching. His hair was shaved close to his head but he had long eyelashes which shadowed his dark grey eyes.  He saw her coming before she saw him.

“Hey!” he shouted, clearing his chest of sandwich crumbs and rising from the brick wall. She smiled at him, but then looked away, awkwardly acting as if she didn’t know him. She was like a mouse skittering across the kitchen floor so as not to be seen. Flailing madly, he ran across to her – shoving his body in front of her and glaring.

“Am I not worth one little hello, Andrea?!”


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