Rules of Dorm Living.

July 26, 2012

After a harrowing experience of non-sleep today, I feel it is important that we lay out a few ground-rules of how to act when staying in a dorm within a hostel. Sure, you don’t lose anything by random people hating you (other than perhaps some potential friends) but it’s about consideration. Many of the things I am about to say happened to me this morning at around 7.30am.

1. No talking. Whispering is still talking. If you and someone else both wake up before the others in a room that doesn’t mean you should wake everyone else up. There are social areas for this.

2. When you get up, get down to breakfast as soon as possible. You can do all the stuff you want to do after breakfast when others will probably be up, but trying to get completely ready for your day (unless you really have to) when everyone else has to listen to you zipping and un-zipping over and over again is just not fair on them which leads me to…

3. Once you’ve opened your suitcase just leave it open! You do not need to zip it back closed every time you take out one item of clothing!

4. Don’t bring 4 suitcases full of stuff with you, I mean, unless you’re moving house or something. It’s just absurd and…

5. Don’t then store said suitcases by the head of someone else when they’re sleeping so that you have to unzip and drag it around right by their face.

6. Don’t walk around naked. It might be a female dorm and okay in your culture but I’m British – my socially awkward mind can’t deal with it especially when I’m trying to cast you evil looks from my bed.

7. Never put any of your belongings in plastic bags that you might actually use. And if you need to do this for some reason, take them out of their bags when you arrive because that has to be the most annoying noise when you’re trying to sleep… rustle….rustle….rustle.

8. The universal sound/action for ‘Please shut up, I’m trying to sleep’ is the over-emphasised turning over pulling the sheet so that it makes a loud noise. If someone does that, try and hurry up with what you’re doing and get out, or go back to sleep.

And finally…

9. The light stays OFF.

Feel free to add your own! But I think this pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now!


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