Estoy en Santiago. Buenos Días.

July 21, 2012

26 hours. It took me 26 hours to finally arrive at my hostel here in Santiago de Chile.. The flight was almost unbearable but then, at around 7am, the sun began to rise and I looked out the window to see the peaks of the Andes rising up into the clouds. You think for a moment the flecks of snow are clouds they sit so close to you. Stills from the film ‘Alive’ began to flash through my head. I am also five hours behind and have spent a considerable amount of time lying down since I arrived

Anyway, eventually, I decided to get on with my day. I had a few errands to run and walked through Barrio Bellavista, trying out my rusty Spanish on local traders. The place is like no-where I’ve been before. Wide pavements run alongside busy one-way streets and crumbling European style mansions. Dust is kicked up with every step and the smog is immediately apparent when you look up at the  San Cristobel hill peering at you through the dirty window of the air. It’s beautiful.

Although everything is very European in design, nothing feels it. In Bellavista in the morning, everything is so tranquilo, you can barely find a place for a coffee. Once afternoon comes, armies of artisans open their doors and pub-goers can shop in between drinks. On the streets of this boho barrio, mozaic pavement stones glimmer beneath your feet while immense graffiti rises across shop fronts and bars. Colour is in everything.  

I am excited. I hope that you, dear readers, are too.


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