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On Happiness.

April 17, 2012

A lot has changed

Since Janis Joplin – Ball & Chain

Blasted past my ears and

Along Dalmeny Road

As I span, stoned,

Arms outstretched

In my mother’s seventies clothes.


The mist settles beneath streetlamps

Catching the light

attempting to escape

and scattered

Autumn leaves shimmer

Like embers at my ankles.


At Number 26,

The silhouettes of dancers in the window;

Cars saunter past the pavement

As if on promenade and

Paving stones bounce

Beneath my feet

Following patterns

Of an old rehearsed beat.


The air feels different.


I pull my red coat tight around my body;

Strings of hair fly around my face;

Wisps of wind nuzzle

Visible breaths against my skin;


Colours brighten.


I’ve never written about happiness

But it seems this is it –

Twirling through memory

No longer dancing because of you but because of me –

Just dancing now


To be free.


How to write a poem.

April 14, 2012

1. Write poem in draft (with whatever comes into head first).

2. Leave for a bit

3. Make the poem stupidly verbose and complicated

4. Leave for a bit

5. Take out stupid complicated metaphors

6. Leave for a bit

7. Repeat indefinitely

8. Forget what poem was originally about

9. Realise the first draft was probably the best anyway.

10. Give up.


Grumble… Writer’s block.