My reply from BBC complaints

March 28, 2012

Dear Miss Jakob

Thank you for contacting us.

We understand you believe BBC News did not sufficiently report on the ‘Save Our NHS’ rally, which took place in London on 17 March 2012.

BBC News has reported extensively on the opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill across our news programmes and bulletins since the Bill was originally proposed. We have reported on the health, political and business dimensions of the debate during our flagship news programmes and news bulletins and have heard from politicians, NHS workers, public sector workers and members of the public alike, as well as from supporters of the bill.

There have been numerous protests and demonstrations held in opposition to the Government’s proposals. Such shows of opposition have been varied in size and were spread across the different stages of the bill’s formation. We believe we have accurately and fairly reflected the nature of this opposition in our news coverage.

While you were unhappy about the level of coverage given to the rally on 17 March, the political opposition to the Bill culminated in the House of Commons emergency debate on 20 March. Accordingly, the Commons debate featured heavily in our news coverage on the day and was the lead story during our main news bulletins.

The Health and Social Care bill has been one of the biggest UK stories over the past few months and we believe we have afforded it the appropriate level coverage in a fair and impartial manner, allowing viewers and listeners to make up their own minds on the matter at hand.

Please be assured your concerns were raised with the relevant editorial staff at BBC News.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints


6 Responses to “My reply from BBC complaints”

  1. what the hell is that? “We’re great we are….what was the question again?”

    • lmjakob Says:

      I’ve just made a complaint about their handling of my complaint haha. I said “I know the BBC’s coverage of the rest of the NHS issue was fine, but I want to know the specific reason why you did not believe this rally was worth covering given the fact that it was the closest to the eventual vote in Parliament on the 20th”. Now to wait for the next reply…

  2. Jody Porter Says:

    I feel an infinite regress coming on.

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